February 4, 2016

This is Bernice

I have a few process photos to share. She is a mixed media piece consisting of acrylic paint, paper clay and metal and is #6 in my Two-29 series. Bernice is slated to be in the Conroe Art League Spring Show, held at the First Baptist Church on Main St. in Conroe Texas March 5th open to the public 2 to 4 pm. Please drop by if you are in town.

the sketch in my little book

stencil work with sand molding gel

Background acrylic
I lightly sketched her on & then applied paper clay

she was painted with acrylic & metal hair was applied
Bernice's face is super shinny, but the rest is not

Ribbon winners will be featured in the April Exhibit at the Gallery in the Madeley Building, 127 Simonton St. Conroe Texas.

Happy Art'ing Y'all

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