September 2, 2016

Dye'in to Bind

I was recently in a Natural Dye & Book Binding workshop, instructed by Delaney Smith of Delaney Smith Studio. It was a full day of dying fun and learning some simple binding techniques for our dyed papers.

Y’all know I’ve made a few many journals using the pamphlet stitch, staples, glue, hair bands and whatnotage but this was . . . My first time dying (lol) and my first time Japanese Stab(ing more LoL). Now some of my fellow workshopp’ers (I’m just full of ‘em today) had not done any binding before and some had.

Delaney fixed up three different dye baths for us, explained some of the ins and outs and different stuffs about using natural stuff in dying. One of the main things was to record what we used and the various notes to keep when experimenting (spear mints). You see if you want to try and repeat an outcome, you need to know how you got there.

Here are a few photos from the workshop

and TWO videos can be found here and here, of the little books I made at the workshop. I’m sure y’all will see some dying and stab’in videos in the near ta far futures.

Happy Art’in Y’all

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