August 14, 2010

Fabric Journal Pages

Lori Wilson- from the Art Journaling NING posted some videos showing how she puts fabric on journal pages. So I have tried my hand at it as well and have decided it gives a canvas sort of feel to the journal. If you like working on canvas more than on paper perhaps you should give this technique a try. Lori says to use a "stitched" repurposed book for this and cotton fabric; both will give you a longer lasting and more a professional finished piece.
But because I was in a hurry to try this I grabbed one of the current journasl I'm working in, a store bought spiral note pad (paper is of medium weight) and  the size is 4 & 1.2" x 6". I used plain o' Elmer's glue to adhere my cotton / poly blend fabric. I did 2 pages one with white gesso and one with black gesso.

The black one, I sanded and used cheap-o acrylic paints on. I like how the painting felt, both while doing it and when I was finished.

The white one, I applied heavy gel medium and used a rubberish type of stamp to give it texture. Finger painted on some of that cheap-o acrylic paint. Stamped a set of luggage in 3 different colors, slightly off set from each other. Computer printed some words, used Elmer's to glue the paper and as a finish coat.

I believe I will do this tech again...only next time I'll follow Lori's advice about the stitched book and cotton fabric. Let me know if you try this. I'm sorry that I don't have a link for Lori (at the time of writing), but if / when I get one please give Lori a shout out for sharing her technique.

 I have since removed the paper from the tree page...I like it better

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