August 18, 2010

Sunshine & Butterflies

This week’s challenge over at Art – It does a body good, was to pick a Song. Journal about it, the feelings it evokes, a certain event or happening while that song played, etc. use whatever media you like; include the title or something appropriate so that the song is recognizable for everyone.

I chose Pocketful of Sunshine, by Natasha Bedingfield. It’s about love and being safe and protected by it and I’m all about being in love with my husband.

So I knew I wanted to include a few things…like a pocket, sunshine, a secret place and butterflies (I know duh huh?).

Well if you are going to have sunshine one needs a sky and what’s a sky without a ground under it?

I have some paper that looks like denim and I love blue-jeans, so that’s the pocket that the sun is pouring out of.

Oh the sun, turned out pretty cool, err hot. I took some yellow paper that had stars on it, cut it into thin strips, inked the edges with orange. Cut some orange flowered paper into strips too. Glued them together and it looked okay, but I wanted more heat and life from that sun. I glued on some strips of clear packaging, hit it with the heat gun, and of course it singed and curled. Neat, what else can I do to get some dimension? I curled some of the yellow strips (like you would curl that thin ribbon) and tada-a sun that actually beams. Here is an angle shot of the sun, don't worry you don't have to squint your eyes {wink}.

The secret place had to be behind a door, hum what should be on the other side?

What could be better then the song lyrics and when the song page is unfolded…look out the butterflies take flight


Title of the song {check} pocket {check}, sunshine {check}, secret place {check}, butterflies {check}. To add interest to the foreground in the bottom right corner I added some gold embossed musical notes spilling out of the pocket. And here is the finished page

Have you joined in the fun yet? If not WHAT YA WAITING FER?
I showed you mine now please won't you show me yours.


Scrapacat said...

Jamie Lynn - this is freaking awesome! I love all the little touches you gave the sun. I need to "borrow" your pocket idea with the stack of jeans I have that we've torn or outgrown! Great idea there!! LOVE the secret place. OMG I adore this work!! I must go lay down now - all this goodness has me overwhelmed!
Thanks so much for playing along with the challenge!

Kym said...

I must agree with the comment that Ky made. Very cool. I love the 3 dimensional quality of the work. It truly is awesome. Very inspiring too. Thanks for sharing your process. Love the musical notes too.

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