October 21, 2010

Make it Spooky

Or challenge yourself to capture something about this season; make it autumnal, or anything else unique to this season; Perhaps pull from a past season and use that; Could be this current season reminds you of how much you prefer another one and that is okay too. So Says Ky at Art-it does a body good, the journaling challenge blog.

This page was assembled because all I could think of was
Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet, Give me something Good to eat

I used orange acrylic paint on gesso, stamps, gel ink, stickers, confetti and googly eyes.

It is both sorta freaky and funny. Like when people get scared and then laugh cause they were. I really had fun putting this together and remembering making the rounds with my siblings. Here is a Secret I have gone out Trick or Treating with my kids. Yeah, no big deal you think...but I was dressed in costume and collected candy just like they did. I even got more than they did. And in order not to jip any of my generations of kids I have done this three times; Once for my daughter born in the late 70s, once for my son born in the late 80s and once for my son and daughter that were born in the early 90s. Crazy-I know, but what's a mother to do?

Oh I know pop around to check out your pages. You are playing along with the challenges or at least with some of 'em right? Well you should!


Scrapacat said...

Oh you are such a fun momma! Love the story behind this, and all the little symbols that add to the fun. Delightful!

Kimber said...

What a fun page! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Super scary - those eyes are really freaky! Love your page. Happy Halloweeeeeeen.

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks y'all for coming by to lookie see :-)

Ketsia-I can't comment over at yours, but I loved it :-)

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