October 25, 2010

Look OUT !


Nature. What a wild thing even here in my neighborhood, lying just on the outskirts of town. Let me explain. I feed birds, finch, cardinals, blue jay (love my cornbread), house wren, hummingbirds, woodpeckers and wily squirrels.

Hawks are a predator and I personally thought they only ate smallish rodents, little dogs and the occasional wily squirrel (we should be so lucky)...But noooo as it turns out they are also carnivores. The reason I know this is when I stepped out my backdoor heading out to my studio the other evening I saw a hawk in my yard. I thought, 'Ooou how funny a hawk eating in my yard. Where is my camera?' As I patted my pocket, where I keep said camera, the hawk turned to glare at me...he took flight rather quickly then, all the while clutching something in his claw. Ewww, what was in my yard that he got, a snake maybe, squirrel hopefully.

But NOOOO again. When it took off a few feathers floated on the breeze. I walked over there and found house wren feathers all over. He ravished his own neighbor for a wren tartar dish and he had been plucking it in my yard and flower / cotton bed.

Why have I posted this on my art blog, well because of the feathers! It's sad and gross and junk, but now I have a few different sizes of matching feathers for using on ATCs, journal pages or whatever I choose.

Hey they do really come from some place other then chickens ya kwow.

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ElizabethR said...

Jamie Lynn, I love Hawks. I love to see them soar. We have, Ospreys, Aplomado Falcons, in abundance here and I love to see and hear them. I'm so sorry for the wee Wrens. I hate that that happens in wildlife, but I'm glad that at least their beautiful feathers are being used for something creative.

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