October 1, 2010

Transfer It

This week's challenge from Art-It does a body good was to do some kind of image transfer, such as Gel Medium and a glossy magazine picture. Okay can do, was my attitude as I have done this before, well not with a journal page but on canvas.

I prepped my page with gesso and while it was drying I thumbed through a handy photography magazine, I found a couple of images I wanted to use. They sort of had an Asian feel to them. I then rummaged through my newspaper collection and found what I was looking for. Now this is a trick I gleaned from Karin of Beyond Words-use a foreign language (one you don't speak or read) newspaper, magazine or book that way you are not distracted by what it says and you can use it artfully.

Alrightly then, I glued 'em down and then swiped some barn red around on the page. Worked on that painting that is struggling to come together while my page dried. Applied the gloss gel medium, smashed down the images and brayed them a bit. Then off to do other studio things till the next morning.

I dampened the images and rubbed off the paper backings. Humm, not so good. I think because my images were dark they did not show up very well on the dark red background. Oh well, onward ho!

I smeared some white paint, then some aged gold and then found another image and thought I'd use more white paint and maybe this time it will show up better. Did the gel and stuck the image down and left it all day. I dampened and rubbed and this time the image was seeable. Not great, but doable foir me.

I smuched some more red and gold around, added some blue, sanded...glued down some papers I had found at an Asian market and a bit more newspaper. Not too bad, my husband likes it. For the most part I think the magazine I choose may not use the best inks for this type of method so next time I'll try a different one. Here is the final page, hope I didn't bore y'all dear people too much with my rambling.

I'll be around soon if not sooner, till next time happy Arting

This is a bonus shot that I really like the angle on


Anonymous said...

I really love this page! I am crazy for anything Asian. Hugs, Julie

Rebecca said...

your project is alive with color! I love the red, the yellow and the blue all working together!

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks so much y'all

Cindy said...

I've done several image transfers, but have not done one in my journal yet. They work for me sometimes, and sometimes don't. UGH! Your page looks great!

Sylvie M said...

I will take the time to explore this blog ! there are nuggets of artsy things ! blessings from Sylvie M (you've seen a pic of me on 21 secrets)

Karin Bartimole said...

I enjoyed being led through all your layers and processes! It's fascinating to watch the transformation occur, to me. Nicely done!!

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