September 28, 2010

Tell me

Please tell me that I'm not the only one that does this. I know it is slightly unusual to think wow that would make a fairly decent photograph. Well not that part but the part of what you see being the object of interest. Yeah, that happens sometimes when I've been grocery shopping...

I see those lovely fruits and vegetables lying out on the counter just screaming for me to take their picture. It's a good thing I sew and have large chunks of fabric stuffed into some cabinets out in my studio.

Today's picks spoke of drama and texture, so I had to use a black background. I know I don't have too, but I will describe for you what I saw / felt in real life

Nectarines: smooth skin like surface, mottled colorations golden to blood red imagine the juice running down your chin

Lemons: pitted texture and shinny, fresh yellow makes me want to pucker just thinking about 'em

Avocados: rough and colored from dark green to almost black...yum bumpy leathery on the outside and creamy smooth on my tongue

Cauliflower: White- no more like cream, tight texture that looks rough and brainy, yet smooth, err crunchy when raw

It's okay to be peculiar, taking photos, painting or sculpting the usual things of life. Then there is the writerly way of trying to describe by showing, you know without "telling". As artist we see what is beauty in the soul, sometimes even in things that don't seem striking.

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