September 25, 2010

The Challenge

this week over at Art-it does a body good: And I quote here " Your assignment this week is to make a page using a minimum of 3 inchies. The inchies can be exactly alike, or all different. Additionally, I want you to use this quote for inspiration: "Enjoy the little things, for one day, you may look back and realize they were BIG." ~Robert Brault. It doesn't have to be written on your page, but it should be apparent by your page design or subject (don't get scared - remember, this is FUN)."

Humm, this is the first time I have heard of inchies, what can I say other than I suppose I live a somewhat hermit kind of life.

Okay then, so in honor of the first day of Autumn September 22, and because I liked a fall picture from a magazine, I used that for my overall page theme. I began with gessoed pages; smeared on a vibrant yellow, acrylic paint. Ya know I really like using my fingers for painting these days.

Next layer was finger smuchings of grape followed by iris purple acrylic paints. Then a smear of extremely light green (credit card tech). That dried for a few minutes then off some of it came with a baby wipe. After the page dried I lightly sanded, to end up with this.

So here are my inchies, magazine page cut into inchies. I adhered them with glue stick to my page. Lined around them with gold gel pen and purple gel pen.

I added some text on a bit of lined paper

then added my final inchie

And this is the final page. I quite like it and hope you do too.

Yes, yes I'll be around soon if not sooner.


An'Angelia Thompson said...

Love this post! Thank you for having me as your Featured Artist even though I had no idea what an inchie is until I read your post! :o) It really brightened my day yesterday to read your post. Sorry I didn't get to comment sooner. In ER with hubby & knee injury for F I V E hours. (He's ok but in a LOT of pain & we're still trying to get meds/dr appts, etc.) So anyway...thanks again SO much, Jamie Lynn! Hope to see you on the 21 Secrets Playground! :o)

Jamie Lynn said...

Thank you for the awesome comment :-D

Sorry to hear about your honey, I hope he is better soon.

Oh, you bet I'll be at the Secret place, I'm already tapping my fingers on the door saying...


Kym said...

This is a fabulous page. I love the way it turned out. You had a really clever idea and it came together beautifully.

Anonymous said...

I ABSOLUTELY love this page! Awesome job. Hugs, Julie (imjkmd)

Cindy said...

Love this page! Very clever idea!

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks so much, y'all for taking the time to come and see it.

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