September 21, 2010

Lookie Here

See what I got...this is the Jack-Pot I won when my name was drawn over at Art -it does a body good, for my journal page entry in one of the Challenges. You know if you played along you could be eligible to win future prizes.

Well being the excited type of person when I win stuff, I could hardly wait to tear into my prize. Okay so I had to wait a few days, but it was worth the wait. First I played around with my WIP, then I straightened up a bit and tried out this foil/glitter/flock kit. First you cut out the shape you want from the sheet of "shapes" then you rub-a-dub it onto the surface of your choice; I used some background paper I had made; then you put the flock / glitter / foil on the sticky stuff and rub-a-dub it and V-oil-A your shape is magically transformed and all blingy like.

How nifty was that, I had to continue and make a few ATCs with this now blingy paper...walk over here and grab this, walk over there and a get that and oooo get some other things. I stuck 'em down with gel medium and next thing I knew I had 4 pretty cool looking ATCs.

Also while I have your attention, I do have your attention right? Why not join up on Art Journaling, you just may be amazed at the stuff you learn and the inspiration that sometimes just kicks you in the rump to get up and get fearless making art from your heart.

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