December 4, 2010

Whats UP?

Lots of things were going on around and in the studio in November. I took some classes and am brainyer because of it. Did another MFA outing with my Art Appreciation group, post forth coming. I participated in the November Poem a Day as hosted by Poetics Asides; my selection for the Manuscript (MS) is currently under review by some trusted writer friends. Let's hope they find very little to shred to pieces. My family went on a Thanksgiving trip--Go SCAD! I have drawn and completed my Elephants for a Decorated Elephant Swap over at ATCs for All and a couple of other individual cards.

I have completed my essay for Les Herger, I'm letting it sit for a couple days before editing / revising and sending it in for hopeful acceptance.

Yes I have been enjoying the 21 Secrets Workshop...gotta love it. I know I have not done any journal page challenges from Art-it does a body good for a while (cross fingers I can get back to that). I have missed tons and tons of stuff from my Ustream crowds. I have made some fine facial soaps as gifts for close friends, put together a Christmas list and am awaiting the birth of our 9th grandchild.

So I guess it goes without saying that the rest of the time I spent sleeping or doing laundry. Oh and working on new irons to put in the fire for next year. I know, isn't that coming awfully fast?

See you all sooner if not sooner.

ps did you notice the newest Featured Artist in the left side bar. Hey it's easy to enter...just follow this blog and you could be the next Featured Artist.


Karin Bartimole said...

Love your sweet elephant card!! and I'm really drawn into your Romance card. The soft face juxtaposed behind the strong more raw elements at the top is a terrific contrast. Nice work :) xo

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks so much Karin.

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