November 16, 2010

Art Festival II

As promised here is some remaining eye candy from the Bayou City Art Festival as I posted about here.

Lynden St. Victor; very interesting works

J. Stirling Barrett; it may be hard to tell from the artist card but the photos appear to be taken, cut apart and put back together to make a composite, that appears to be printed on canvas. I did not get to speak with the artist hence my "it appears" opinions.

R. Michael Wommack; this card does not really show the depth of richness and vibrant life contained within the work.

Phil Kutno, drawings and mixed media that incorporates portions of his drawings which are poster sized. He confided in me that it takes a year for each drawing. There are intricate drawings within the drawings.

Jeannie and Sam Maddox-the Featured Artist for 2010; This painting is so amazing so real it looks like a photograph and makes you want to hand a towel to her.

That wraps up my visit to the festival. I do want to add that we have actually been having a real Autumn so the weather was beautiful in this fine country of Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting art work. The different styles of work makes the exhibits fun to go to.

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