November 9, 2010

Art Festival

We made it to the Bayou City Art Festival this year and I loved it. I do believe it was bigger this year as it spread out further and was packed tighter. I meandered about and saw some familiar artist and met new ones. Most were kind and spoke freely of their work and others were short and only wanted to discuss sale-Sale-SALE.

...on with the eye candy

Steven Meadows, Mixed Media 3D Palestine IL

M. Caroselli & Scy Caroselli, Mother-Daughter Sculptors

David Nelson, Sculpture, Marble CO

Andrew Carson, Kinetic Sculpture (these sculpture move by the wind everywhich way, very cool)

Steven Graber: When I asked his medium he told me it was layered-watercolor, acrylic followed by oils. The texture on the paintings created wonderful movement and please note he made his own Giclee prints.

Next time the featured artist for this year and I'll share some of the others.

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Oonagh @ CeltoiCroi said...

hey Jamie Lynn,
thanks for your little message over on my blog. I'm embarrassed at the time that has lapsed since my last post, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, but it IS at the back of my mind all the time that I should be updating regularly... at least once a week which by other bloggers standards is minimal. Your concern meant a lot, and I hope to have a post up before the week is out. Stay tuned to CeltoiCroi. I look forward to seeing more of your posts,
kind regards,

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