November 5, 2010

Hey I know already!

That I have been somewhat neglecting this blog. But trust me, I said TRUST me I have very valid excuses.

I have been involved in a couple of ATC swaps over at ATCs for All. One is called Let's Get Messy, this one is where we are required to use our fingers only -- NO tools. Fun you should give it a try.

And the other is Design A Moose (Holiday Edition) the hostess provided a moose template and we, the players, design it for a Holiday. I picked Days that are special to my State's Heart...Go Texan Day, Flag Day and Texas Independence Day.

Not to mention that it is the annual Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge, hosted at Poetics Asides. The prompts are interesting this year and you don't have to use the prompt you can write a poem on your own, the point is to write a poem each day of this November month. There is a possible prize...We will have 1 month in which to polish our work (10-15 pages) submit it for the chance of Chapbook publishing. This is exciting stuff dear people.

Oh and not to mention, but I will, I'm still taking some classes and have some field trips to take and Thanksgiving and job hunting and the usual household junk to attend too.

See as I said pretty good reasons for the slight neglect. See y'all soon.

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