January 4, 2011

How to Live

Sound intriguing? I hope so as I want to brief you on this nice book of poetry by Jennifer K. Sweeney, How to Live on Bread and Music. This is a wonderful collection of day to day life put into pondering poems. The book is nicely arranged between form, rhythm, general mood, and sentiment of each piece. The cover art is a piece by Richard Kochanek titled Angels in Procession. I found it to be an easy read and image filled for my eclectic mind, it's not one of those over-the-top intellectual -what does that mean- type of book. IMO

One of the things I love about poetry books is that they are, usually, not too big to carry around in one's purse...now a wallet on the other hand...well that would just be weird.

here is a portion of one of the poems


5 O'Clock Poem

Descending the gray nudge of Market Street
I am heavy in my shoes,
a little sack bent.

The dryness in my throat
is familiar but not comfortable,
my body is familiar but not uncomfortable.

Most openings are too small to enter,
but upstream and tired, I fall in
achy stone of me exploding like a rose.


(for the rest you will have read the book)

How to Live on Bread and Music
by Jennifer K. Sweeney
Perugia Press
ISBN 978-0-9794582-2-4

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