January 8, 2011

Oh Boy do I know

y'all must be wondering what's up with that chica, with me being the chica. Well we had all the hoop la of the holiday season, my son's girl friend delivered our 8th grandchild; who is the most beautiful baby. At the tail end of twenty-ten I was trying hard to straighten up my studio and organize it. I twitted a photo did you see it? Okay, here it is again just in case you missed it.

The other day I watched as Felicia of Mouse Potato Designs took us on a UStream tour of her studio. Now this chic is organized and tiddy and still able to create...so tell me why do I have to be so messy and spread my junk out here and there? I don't know either but I'm trying to be better. At least I'm consistent in doing certain things only in certain areas of my studio like making soap and paper by the sink; painting, ATC'ing and Journaling on the Island; sleeping and lounging in bed...ya know. Hey Felicia, if you are reading this I could use your help...come on down and Pimp my Studio. haha now that would be a super great design show for HGTV. Man, I should try to market this to them...anyone know who I should contact?

Let's see, I do plan on taking part in the now Bi-Weekly journal Challenge hosted by Ky over at Art-it does a body good. I have until January 15 to complete a journal page/layout using Ink. Now this ink will tie in with something I have been wanting to try my hand at...Gelatin printing. If you need information or inspiration I suggest a visit over to see Linda Germain of Printmaking without a press. Pretty cool stuff over there and what a nice artist to show & tell her work, heck she will even answer questions if you have any about gelatin printmaking. See I'm so serious about tying this that I have already made my gelatin plate...

and now I'm just waiting for my family to get back to work and school so I can have some quite time to play.

And here's a little plug for me and for those curious types of dear people...this year I'm hoping to keep a record of my day, just the basics anyway  (we'll see how long it actually last LOL) Just click on that tab up top labeled What's Going On to see what was going on.

That's all I have for today...take care and keep on Art'in

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