January 11, 2011

Get Inked

Art-it does a body good, is continuing the journal challenges-a new challenge will be posted every other Sunday. Don't miss out on the fun and sometimes experimental chances play along.

Okay so the first challenge was INK, I have been wanting to try my hand at gelatin printmaking and this motivated me to do it. I made my gelatin last week, no problem. I waited for my family to get back to work and school so I could give it my undivided attention...ha, my gelatin tore, but lucky for me a fair sized hunk was useable.

I rolled on the ink, laid a paper doily on it then my paper. Hum not really what I was expecting, but hey such is the nature of art. I made a few more papers with other colors of ink and although as a "print" they were not frame able they would do for my Challenge Journal.

I cut a corner off of another paper doily and spray painted it red. I used black gesso for the background and removed a tad bit of gesso with bubble wrap. Once the background was dry I glued on the red corner and a white doily. I folded in the corners. Did some gel ink text.

Cut the gelatin prints to size and placed my preferred three sheets inside.

All in all not a horrible journal page, I think.

Thanks for dropping by and having a look see.

1 comment:

Scrapacat said...

Not a bad page at all! I need to find more info about gelatin printing. Very very cool! Thanks for playing!

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