January 15, 2011

Thirty Years & Counting

It's true, as some of you have heard. I have had the same metal pallet knife for at least 30 years. I first used it when I was oil painting alas I have only one of those original paintings left in my private collection.

I no longer paint with oils, at least not at this time, instead I'm using acrylics. And my good old metal knife works well with acrylics. You can see come of my work under the Gallery tab on which I used the now famous metal pallet knife. Recently I purchased a plastic one; not sure if I like it...Yet.

I didn't paint over the holidays I straightened up in my studio... I bring it up because I know a lot of you are currently working on organizing yours. I must say that I'm enjoying watching the various UStreams as you go about your chore. I found cleaning up was exciting when I would find something that I had bought on clearance and just shoved in some little nook or cranny because I was too busy or lazy (your choice) to put it up. I also found a couple/few things that I must have liked a whole bunch as I bought them more than once.

During my clean up / de-clutter I came to agreement of sorts with myself an understanding really about my pack-raty-ness...

I'm not going to keep it IF I don't process it right now

I'm not going to buy it IF I don't have a specific current project (meaning a real need for it)

I'm only going to buy stock up items IF I have a coupon or they are on clearance

and Lastly but most importantly I'm really going to try hard to stick to this agreement.

How about you dear people? Do you have an agreement with yourself about your Arting wants or needs?

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Frangipan said...

You have a very interesting blog about art processes.

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