January 19, 2011

There's something in the air

Besides that long post title. I wanted to show you a background technique to use for ATCs or Journal Pages, this one using Spay paints and recycled glossy / semi glossy papers.

Materials: at least 2 different colors of gloss spray paint (I'm using 3); glossy magazine paper or semi glossy (mine are semi glossy) from a local museum about upcoming events (in this case long past events) & sales papers; Rubber gloves; well ventilated area.

I do my spraying out on the breezeway, on a covered table. I use one of those really cheap plastic table cloths from the dollar store. Tape it up to the side of my studio and run it over the table and use a couple of pieces of tape to keep the other end from flapping up. I also put a tiny bit of tape on a corner of each sheet I'll be painting, because it never fails for a breeze to blow. But keep a couple / three to use as gabbers.

Spay your lightest color first make it a fairly heavy coat (almost puddle / runs) one sheet at a time on a hot dry day or you can try more than one at time on a humid and cold day. Then spray your next color, again liberally on top of that and follow with the next and so on.

Next pick up one of your grabbers and lay it on top of a sprayed sheet, smooch it around if you like then lift it up and off...if you want lay it on and lift in different areas.

Lay out your wet grabber sheets and spray your can upside down towards the papers to clean your nozzles, add a bit of tape or sit the can on a corner to keep that breeze from flipping your wet page over on the ground.

Once they are good and dry carry them inside to cut to ATC size 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches (standard) 4 x 6 inches (large size) 1 x 1 inch (for inches). My pages were thin and didn't cut very well on my guillotine so I used a craft knife. On the day I spayed these I did two different sets, pink, red and purple and yellow, orange and brown.

Tips: if the words/pictures bleed though you can spray your lightest color or another color on sheet, let it dry and then try the technique. I had some bleed though but I felt it added to the layering quality of the finished pages. If you don't like a particular portion of the painted page / ATC cover it up with a collage item or cut into strips or around the portion you don't care for.  And / Or you can adhere the painted paper to card stock before cutting to size.

You could try flat spray paint or a combo thereof, if you do please let me know how it turns out.

Here are the ATCs made that day.

Title: 1914

Title: Dino

Yes of course I'm going to give them both away. Just leave a comment (be sure I can contact you) tweet this post and mention that you tweeted (be honest) your name is entered twice and best still include a link in one of your blog post and get another chance to win. Please be sure to link back to your post and how to contact you so I can let you know you are a winner on January 25th.

I hope you win!

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