February 6, 2011

Another Gelatin Experiment

So after my last gelatin printmaking flop-a-rino I tried again. I left my gelatin in the pan this time...why not my paper was smaller than the pan anyway.

I smushed out some ink, brayered it and rolled it onto my gelatin. Then I laid some dried grass thingys on it and then the paper. It came out weird. So I removed the grass and laid a new paper on it...hum not so bad.

Next I used a different color and kind of laid the grass on it and took it off and then laid the paper. And I did that a couple / few times. It was okay, not the greatest, but okay.

I tried some other texturing things

I'm just not feeling this type of printmaking you know. I mean I don't feel excited about it at least not enough to continue experimenting with it. Not right now anyway. No I don't think this is an art failure, it is something I tried and how are you supposed to know if like something or not if you never try it.

Attempting is not failing. What have you attempted lately?


Bren said...

That's what I appreciate about experiments, we find the ones that work for us. Thanks for sharing, seeing an process in action really gives me a better feel for what I'd enjoy as well.

MB said...

Hi Mitzy
I like the results! I have never heard of this technique-thanks for sharing it
MB aka CreativeBZ

Linda said...

Cool! Looks like gloppy good fun. I loved silk screen printmaking many moons ago, but I'd rather mess with a box of clay, a rod of glass, or a ream of words. Keep searching until you find your happy medium. Peace...

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