April 20, 2011

About the Crownage

This is in regards to a comment I made in the chat at Dede's (inkwell) Ustream...

'I bought my crown on clearance.'

I just want to say that it is true. My first crown was a gift from the King (my husband :-D) and one day while I was out shopping I spied a rack. And upon this fabled rack lay my new Crown all jewely and sparklely and said rack was for clearance.

This is Me with my Clearance Crown on my head and my Old, but still much loved, crown in hand. Now don't worry my people...you may one day come across a Crown Clearance too and when you do -


           .Remember Me

and                                      .Buy one

What is a crown good for you may ask, huh - well they are super for wearing while you vacuum or sweep or for doing the dishes. There is much Power in wearing a crown! However one should not wear their "priceless" crown while cleaning the bathroom as it could slip from your head and into the potty. Now that would not be nice.

Taa Tah my peoples {queen wave}

1 comment:

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Yipes! Here you have been hiding all this time!!! Finally I have a correction to my imaginatively concocted mental picture of your appearance ... and the same day I saw the drawing of Beloved. OK Now when you tell me you two are going for a walk, I see it more clearly!

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