May 19, 2011


Some of y'all know that I've been doing the 21 Secrets Workshop as put on by Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio...any way I wanted to post a couple of photos of the faces I was inspired to do after watching the videos in Drawing Happy with Jane Davenport.
I don't know why it is that sometimes it takes a while for things to click, even though you thought you already clicked.

Granted 21 Secrets is mainly for Art Journaling, but it can and does translate into all your Art work even ATC's as pictured below.

Title: La La La

Title: What?


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I love your drawings! They have such awesome expressions! I love the hair on the first one too!

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks so much Michelle. I must admit that drawing faces just for fun is just that - fun. No pressure to make them look anyone :-)

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