June 2, 2011

Had a day

at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts last Friday. It was a good day.

We saw work by Charles Ledray, Cool E-O mini stuff, mini clothing and there were these glass display cabinets a couple had all color tiny vessels (think mini tea pots and glasses and bowls) they were very vibrant, then there was some of only black vessels and then some in white. So as I pondered the cases in my mind in the reverse order that I first viewed them I had an epiphany (Baby Girl’s favorite word)…lol White = light; Black = shadow then when light and shadow are in balance comes the color. Course I could be wrong but it matters not as that is what I got from the juxtaposition for that part of the exhibit and it’s my enjoyment and blah blah blah that matters anyways.

So lolly gag walking and meandering around the Korea exhibit, love the giant wall sculpture of shinny pots and utensils…walking …meandering through the African pieces lalala, Beloved & Baby Girl had to sit some out. Well he has a bad knee and arthritis hips and back and junk and Baby Girl likes sitting. So there I am wandering about and I tell ’em come on let’s look at the gold over here. And walking and then we all looked at the Carlos Cruz Diez exhibit. That was purdy cool we got some 3D glasses to look at his works and Soooo Colorful and graphic. Weird walking and looking at 3D stuff - dizzying.

Then we went to the café and had some lunch, yummy good. We looked at some paintings and I talked about some as they were recently discussed in my art appreciation class and then we came home. Exhausted

Yes a good day. When was the last time you were at a museum?

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sheila said...

Gosh, the last time I was at an ART museum was probably 20 years ago. I have seen a few exhibits over the years though.

I have, however, been to museums like the Natural History Museum and the historical society and various little museums. I love how you take your little one to the museum, we used to do that as well. Start them early and they will appreciate!

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