June 8, 2011

! Winner !

That's me and it could be YOU. 

I have neglected to mention how much I appreciate my fellow artists. There are many but today (err till the next post anyway) I want to point the spotlight on...wait for it....

Dede, also known on UStream as inkwell Coffee and art in the mornings, and as @inkiwell on twitter, on her blog Inkwell Studios and there is a flickr group.

For those of you who know Dede this should be no surprise, but for those of you who do not just - WHAT ya waiting for. She is retired from the art designer field and currently fills her days with creating art for fun. Within her Streams Dede does beautiful collage works in one of her many (thousands) of journals. Latter she will  isolate an area and turn it into a lovely acrylic painting. One such piece she auctioned off earlier this spring to help a fellow artist raise funds to get to an art retreat.
More about Dede's art for fun...I should really say she shares her techniques and years of experience with all her art friends by not only teaching us on her Streams but by encouraging everyone. She does painting activities including color classes (typically on Wednesdays) pairing up great color combinations and inspiration for how to draw out your own creativity. This goes beyond painting, drawing or collage with color, it is transferable into many and any areas of art where color exists. You learn that your only limitation is you. Dede is not afraid of making a mess or mistakes...remember fear will limit you and mistakes are a way of discovering new techniques.
I don't want to leave out that Dede also has an Esty shop, Inkwell Studios and there you can find her fantastic collage kits (postcards, folder holders, ATCs) and currently some necklaces hand crafted by her dear Grandmother.

Be sure to drop by her UStream channel and watch a live show or the recordings. Did I mention the give aways? Hope to see ya there.

EDIT to add how much Dede likes Golden Matte Medium for her works

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jerseytjej said...

Golden must offer her a sponsorship, lol! We should bombard them with emails, letting them know how much she likes their product!

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