July 1, 2011

Paper, it's real paper

I have been enjoying making back ground papers for a Swap over at Inkiwell Studios. So today (until next post) here is a show and tell. Not that I used any new sort of technique, this time...although I'm working playing around with something. Well I don't stream like Inkiwell Coffee and Art in the Morning so I hope pictures will be good for y'all.

These pictures are of the Asian BGs out of my Set No. 2, if you are part of the Coffee and Art in the Morning Flickr group you have seen the finished papers...If not prepare to be dazzled. I have already sent these in for the Swap'age so you may be a new or upcoming recipient of one or more of them.

I wanted to share, and was requested to show, the process of how the Red Asian BG (background) developed. But I didn't take photos so I made another with Blue, but they were done the same way.

I applied gold and antique gold acrylic paint in a cross hatchy mis-mosh sort of way covering the entire plain white typing (copy) paper.

Once the gold was dry I took a fun foam stamp that I had made and daubed blue paint onto it, stamping in a random fashion.

I then used an Asian rubber stamp with black ink, stamped in random. I ended with another stamp on top with sepia ink. That's it three simple stamps, three layers.

So what have you been making?

1 comment:

Tara said...

I love your papers, they are all rich and gorgeous!!

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