July 7, 2011


It's another post and so soon on the heels of the last one too. This time to point y'all in the direction of a celebrity artist that I'm sure many of you already know and love.

Yes that's right it is none other than Paula, the JournalArtista herself. Just to let ya know it's not just me that loves her, she has 520 followers of her blog. She is popular because of her ability to create journal art and show you how at the same time plus she is a kind person. And personally I just so totally love her accent. And now in my head when I think the word process or project my brain says it Pro cess and Pro ject...I just love that!

I don't get to watch Paula live very often, but I watch her recordings, YouTube, and UStream, are always there for me. Paula has also been published in Art Journaling, again and check this out. Very exciting stuff people, be sure to order her newest DVD.

You can find her in the Summer 2011 issue of Art journaling magazine.

Have I mentioned how much Paula likes to play and experiment with new products... She is brilliant, when it comes to finding the best uses and what works with what and she is always excited to share her lessons with everyone. She is a gesso goddess and a queen when it comes to layering and using corrugate. I do like corrugated cardboard myself and have one of those rollers, which I'm using more now that Paula has shown me how to incorporate it into my work. And because of Paula I'm trying to get over my fear of layering, what can I say, I do something and like it so I don't want to cover it and risk ruining it. I did say that I was trying.
And I recommend that y'all wait no longer to jump on the super highway to meet or renew your acquaintance with the original JournalArtista


Dale Anne Potter said...

She IS the BESTEST!!!
She inspires me everyday as I'm working in my studio, and so happy to have found her last year!!!

Jamie Lynn said...


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