July 14, 2011

Printing with Objects

Not to be confused with Object printing (printing on an object). This came about because of an ATC swap that sounded interesting, simple rules Print using objects - NOT veggies, fruit, stamps, fingers, brushes or the like, but the unusual item. My first thought was a fork and on second thought I believed it would not be quirky enough. I really wanted to use what some would consider the unusual. On a couple I think I completed my mission...the last one used circles that I'm sure will not surprise one with experienced.

I used only acrylic craft paints and make-up sponges for applying the paint to my objects.

This first one is painted using some items out of a Broken/Crappie jewelry grab bag from the Goodwill. Hey don't knock it I have found treasure in these...So here are the objects I used for painting

 a very heavy chain, sponged on blue and sort of dropped pressed it on the white card stock

 a hair doo-lolly, sponged on the medium green and pressed it onto the card

 and lastly a beaded bracelet, sponged on light green and rolled / pushed the painted beads around on the card

 Title: Germination

Next card

I sponged the red paint onto plastic needlepoint canvas, laid the white card on top and pressed / rubbed with my hand. I did this several times to get the coverage I was looking for. And an FYI I will use this method again.

then I sponged blue on a homemade rubber band doo-hickie. (a lid from something with a few different rubber bands wrapped around it) I pressed that onto the card, I used both sides a few times

Title: Patriot

Next card (inspired by a background paper I made & LOVE)           

I used two different circles- one a lid from a big pen thingie and the other a little piece of PVC I found in the yard. First color applied to the medium purple colored card was black.

then came the white

then the dark purple paint

 and finally the medium purple paint, almost the same color as the card. Oh yes I will do this again.

Title: Put a Lid on It

 BTW these ideas can translate into Coffee and Art - Background Swap papers. {wink}

ps if any of my work inspires you to try something please let me know, I'd love to hear about your project.

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