July 21, 2011

Spray Paint Tent

Sometimes I like to use spray paints or something that comes in a spray can. And I have this old table on the breezeway where I have been laying my item to be sprayed...no matter how still the air is when I press that trigger BAM it howls though. Scattering over spray everywhere. Oh at first I was real good at protecting the outside of my studio, but when it's hot or cold and you are in a hurry, well sometimes Prep-work goes out the window. Ok, for me anyway {curtsy}.

Sometime ago I had this idea, sort of a voila moment when I was cleaning the studio bathroom. You see I store stuff in there that doesn't quite fit anywhere else like my old quilting frame. I have not been able to hand quilt for many years, yet I have held onto the PVC frame. So there I was cleaning and I saw it leaning in the corner by the shower and 'hey that would make a great spray booth.'

I assembled the pipes, had some thick plastic sheeting I laid on the ground and rolled the frame, wrapping the plastic around it. Should have taken before and during photos, but hey there goes that Prep-work again. And now I have this on my table

What do ya think? I can sit it under the table to get it outta the way, replace the plastic sheeting and or even take the whole thing apart...should I get tired of it. BUT the best part is no more over spray or splatter'age on the studio.  {insert Big grin here}

Artistic Biker did you see this?

ps it will keep dust, bugs and debris from getting on the sprayed item till it dries


Kerri Love said...

ohh great idea :D

Bonnie in SC said...

what a good idea. i just use an old box usually. your's is so much better.

Jamie Lynn said...

thanks y'all. I really love being able to grab a can and pop out there spritz spray & away. I have added a string on the inside to hang light weight stuff for spraying.

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