August 25, 2011

I did IT!

and all by myself too.

So the story goes my husband broke my studio door knob. Well not on purpose. See I drug him out to look at the big painting I have being working on and off and on, because I like it again, so he had to see it. Half the door knob fell into his hand while shutting the door. It was so funny, the look on his face (not the painting) and the thing in his hand.

I picked up a fancy new handle (knob) it sort of matches the one on the bathroom door in the studio. 

And I put it on the purple door, so what if it took me about an hour of sweating. Oh and I also fixed the door so that it closes like it should have, but never did. I shimmed out the bottom door hinge and the latch / plunger thing clicks into place and the dead bolt latches without having to lift up’ish on the door knob. Maybe this one will last more than three years.

I did not cuss at all – I’m doing pretty good at not becoming angry…that is something I’m releasing into the light. My main focus now is becoming agreeable, err to accept success within me. I know weird to actually acknowledge and confess that one undermines self. Silly inner critic – there is no reason NO reason at all to not be successful. After all people like me and I like people.

Positive affirmations are my friend and yours too. Oh it takes some practice to think in positive terms, so don’t be too hard on yourself…after all we have had our whole lifetimes learning to be negative. 


TopazPearleGirl said...

Good for you for doing it Jamie!

Jamie Lynn said...

thanks Julie Topaz I know that's not your last name ;-p

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