September 1, 2011

Modeling Circles

First, yes I know what today is, the horror is still very vivid in my heart. May God continue to surround everyone affected with comfort and love.

I have been asked by a few people how I made the 3D circles on my Work in Progress – The big painting. So here is a short’ish recreation photo-log with a few words (or more) of how I did it. Right or wrong this is my technique for making raised circles on canvas.

I sketched out on a scrap of paper what I wanted to paint and while doing so I thought it would be cool for the smaller circles were to be raised but have a hollow middle. Yes, sort of like a donut. I played around with it and finally did it like this…

I took an old medicine bottle used TickyTack to hold on the canvas, but for this photo session I used other circle thing-ah-ma-jigs

applied some modeling paste around it

Let is set up for a few minutes before I removed the template

Smoothed out the ridge with a moist finger

Depending on what effect you want you can add more modeling past to fill in any cracks or build up the ridge more. Pending what you use the thickness may cause cracking as it dries. Also depending on what actual product you use, (modeling paste, tube & tile caulk, silicone) you may be able to sand it. Always read the directions for your particular product for all cautionary notes etc. And of course you can always free hand or do other shapes…your only limitation is Your imagination.

Happy Arting y’all 

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In My Head Studios said...

This is awesome!! I gotta' try it! :) Thank you very much!

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