October 20, 2011


Y’all know it’s getting to be that time of year that sharing becomes more popular and for that I want to share a link, that Tia Chi Linda (she is this lady in 1 of my RL groups) shared with me…

If you know of someone going through Chemo Therapy let them know about this web site. If you know of a house cleaning company or house cleaning people let them know about this web site (I’m sure their donated services are tax deductible) For those of you that are not in the United States y’all may have something similar, so do the ever popular Google search. And one more time for good measure GO HERE!

Now I’m gonna share what's on my easel errr desk…

~Dino Eye drawn with color pencils~

Thanks to Dede aka inkiwell instructions on Wednesday’s UStream’age…must practice my rain droplets (& rain dance)

~rain droplets with color pencils (my first try)~

 Keep on Arting y’all 

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