October 27, 2011

Backgrounds - How to

umm, how to…errr how I did anyway

Using a sheet of white copy paper I applied a very watery brown wash with a sponge brush. It gave the paper a sort of streaked effect. I then did the same thing with a super pale pink.

I used a white china marker to trace a stencil.

Then followed that with a green wash.

And ended up with this for Dede’s ongoing - background paper swap’age. One from Set No 7 on Flickr.

Happy  Arting


Bren said...

you've got me to thinking about all manner of combinations. Fun idea, thanks for sharing.

Jamie Lynn said...

aw. thanks Bren xoxo

Tara said...

Great paper! Great technique!

Jamie Lynn said...

thanks Sugar, I really totally enjoy making these xoxo

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