November 3, 2011

and more More MORE

Background paper…but alas this one is not for the swap’age. Sorry but it ended up way too heavy/thick IMO.

My Beloved works for a company that is / was offering a tire rebate / coupon thing. And he knows I love coupons so he brought a few home for me. I naturally thought of y’all and decided I’d make a sheet of background paper with them to share.

I grabbed my matte medium (not golden so don't call me) and a piece of tissue paper. The plan was to glue’age the coupons to the tissue so the paper would not be too heavy. But it didn’t work very well…nope not at all

The coupons are thicker than the tissue (duh! I know) and the tissue tore and bunched up and junk so I tossed that and turned to my old friend the copy paper. I like how it turned out but again it’s too heavy to share. Humm PC/ATC maybe.

And here is a pottery bowl (air dry clay) piece I’m working on.

 And here is the Bubble Painting surprise
(what’s on my easel @BladeTheArtist)

                       . Arting 

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