November 10, 2011

Shirley or Surely NOT

that Y'all are tired of background papers. Well I'm not, soooo I wanted to show ya how I did this one...

Mostly because I was asked how I did it and luckily for me I took photos.
AND to show WHAT was ON MY EASEL @BladeTheArtist 

I started with a gesso'ed newsprint page from a poetry journal I read and carded on some azalea (not Salmon) paint. Then I used a stencil that I daubed with gesso in select areas. Streaked on top of that with thinned down orange paint.

Stamped a bird with sepia ink, a dragonfly in medium/light blue paint, and a butterfly with a dirty looking brown dye ink. I had hoped that heat setting the last would work...

The blue was too bright and stand outty, so to quiet it down I used a music stamp with gesso and then used an iridescence medium over the top of the whole thing. And when I did that most of the butterflies drifted away. But I liked it anyway and hope that the person who received it in Dede's ongoing-background paper swap likes it too.

One has just got to love making background papers with Paula layers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Surely you have to like backgrounds, because they are the beginning! a thumb up! :)

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