April 27, 2012


Let’s go already. The home of my Fang Friend Eric Northman (if you watch you will know). But alas I chose … OH Wait you are probably wondering what ta heck am I talking about; It is the awesome 52 Postcard Challenge hosted by the beautiful Darcy over at Art & Sole.  She sends us to a new country every week and we, the world travelers, climb onboard to make fancy & smachy Postcards complete with story lines in honor of the named country…

AND THIS WEEK brings us #17 Norway

From Allen to Liz: Acrylic Paints, touches of Prisma Pencils and a tad bit of Watercolor.

Dear Liz,

Worry not about Chloe, I’m sure she would not mind, in fact perhaps she would be grateful for the adventure. I looked up that place and yes scary, but that is putting it mildly. Would you like me to have Chumly let you know when / where I’ll meet you OR would you like it to be a surprise? Maybe I will let him arrange it all and it could be a surprise for both of us.


ps  your forest put me in the mood to paint, hence my rendition of Ashes by Edvard Munch 1894 (note her scary eyes)

Now between me and you I don’t understand where Edvard got the name for this piece … Do y’all?

Happy Art’in Y’all


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's called ashes because their relationship is going down in flames. They don't look too happy! You did a wonderful job. :)

Margaret said...

Love your interpretation! fab card! M

San @ Made in Hem said...

Uhm, no idea... Maybe it's a word with another meaning in Norwegian?
Great painting!!! ♥

mags21 said...

a great postcard and painting,love the colours you have used.

Janet said...

Super painting! Edvard was a bit of a mystery, perhaps he meant sadness.

Janet xx

Joanna said...

A fellow Munch-er!! Who knows what his paintings were about??!!

Great interpretation, I went down a more obvious route..... :o)

Darcy said...

you did a great job of recreating the painting.

craftattack said...

Good postcard, Münch is a great choice for Norway! Valerie

Kaylene said...

Great card

NatashaMay said...

Oh, crap! I could have done an Eric postcard. :) I keep seeing stuff I could have done for my postcard. Great postcard!

Jen said...

Was intrigued so I looked it up and among other things, found this. "The painting depicts the end of a love affair, with the man in despair and the woman indifferent.
The title "Ashes" refers to the burned-out log that runs along the picture's edge,
signifying the death of love."
Great job on your painting.
Jen x

Gina said...

Gorgeous card Jamie, love the way you've portrayed the figure :D XXX

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