April 28, 2012


Yep another challenge – am I crazy? No please don’t answer that. I can do this. Here’s the Deal E Oh, I will have to draw / paint / or otherwise create one face every day for 29 days in May. I’m to use the Label / Tag for my postings of said faces here at … My Purple Door Studios (self-plug) This way my “Link up” will direct others straight to all my postings of for my 29 Faces.  

This Challenge is brought to us by the letters F (for face) M (for May) and the Numbers 29 and 2012. The brave hostess for 29 Faces is Ayala Art of ilove2paint.

Ok y’all this is what I need from YOU, surely you didn’t think y’all would get off scotch free {insert crazy laughter} – please send me your prayers / good energy / high vibrational love / positive vibes / high fives / and sharp pencils. Thank you, now get out there and do some of your own

Happy Art’ing Y’all


Suzanne said...

Good Luck! You can totally do this! Sending positive vibes~~~

Jenny said...

Ha... love your post... yes it's going to be heaps of fun... can't wait...

Jenny x

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