May 11, 2012


This week Darcy of Art & Sole took us to Bulgaria … the country is known for many things as you will discover when you visit with my Fellow Travelers. However for Liz and Allen this week called for a Rose, in honor of The Bulgarian Rose Festival.

#19 From Allen to Liz: Prisma Pencils, highlights of white & Lady Bug (aka Dede Bug) Acrylic paint, center is tiny flecks of yellow & orange paper

Let’s see how the conversation is going …

Dear Liz,

Trust is not the basis between Chloe and me. With that said I believe I am the one that depends more on trust. I looked up “Aroh nui” and let me jump out there and say I had a silly smile all evening because of it. Your Aunt said you were complicated and hid a deep reservoir of love and compassion. Perhaps all this world traveling is letting it bloom.
Speaking of blooms, the Bulgarian Rose Garden opened. I can now imagine what their Rose Festival is like.

See you soon, maybe

Lady Bugs are swarming everywhere.

Aw, it looks like a sweet friendship is blooming ... coming up Roses is you will. {insert laughter}

Happy Art’ing Y’all


craftattack said...

Lovely card, and if everything is coming up roses let's hope it's all in butter! Valerie

mags21 said...

a really pretty postcard, love your soft colours. like your little bug..

Margaret said...

Really pretty card, great colours. M

Joanna said...

Beautiful postcard - I love that little ladybird.

NatashaMay said...

Great rose postcard! :) I had to throw in some roses too. :)

Janet said...

Such a pretty, gentle postcard with lovely soft colours. The ladybird is perfect!

Janet xx

Gina said...

Gorgeous delicate rose( and ladybird :D )XXX

Jen said...

Love the rose and the ladybird is such a nice touch.
Jen x

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