May 10, 2012

Face #10

This is a young friend of mine, she makes some amazing pottery. She took her own photograph, I liked the pose, so naturally I borrowed it from her FB page. I am very pleased with the way her Face came out, however I neglected to photograph the pencil drawing - again.

4 x 4 1/2"

drawn with graphite, painted with acrylic with touches of Prisma 

Funny how once ya put them side by side one can see where improvement is needed. 

FYI I drew and painted this during Coffee and Art in the Morning with Inkwell and my online arty friends (hey y'all) AND I'm gonna tweet this off to The Artistic Biker, for the What's on my Easel segment of his UStream

Happy Art'in Y'all


Linda said...

You did a great job with it. Has your model seen your portrait yet? I bet she will love it.

April Cole said...

Look'in good here!!
Wonderful work... love the details in your drawing.
You are awesome, keep going with your faces... :]

Jodi O said...

I don't see where you would need improvement, but then again we are all our worse critics. I think you did a great job.

Jamie Lynn said...

Ladies Y'all rock my world. She has seen it :-) Now other friends are wondering when it's gonna be their turn. ;-0

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