May 9, 2012

Face #9

Ok, ok so I had to try that same sort of head twisty pose thang - AGAIN. And yes I drew a man ... he may not be a Real Man, but man he is.

And I think I like him a little better than yesterday's fella ... if only he would fix his own chin weirdness and I'm so not gonna mention the eye ... you do see it, don't ya? Yeah the one on the right. Hum?

3 x 4 1/2"

drawn with graphite, painted with acrylic with touches of Prisma 

and the Penciled version almost didn't make into the camera {insert wink}

Happy Art'ing Y'all

ps can you believe I have actually posted 9 days in a row??? Crazy


April Cole said...

I simply adore Face #9!!!
Keep up the good work... :]

Jamie Lynn said...

Thank you April, that means a lot

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