June 8, 2012


Another busy week … luckily I found a pic online I was able to forge copy in my own way. I am pleased with the way she came out. I think may haps it was from all that Face practice I had in May {insert wink}

From Allen to Liz: acrylic paint with a few scribbles touches of prisma pencil for blendin

And it reads

Dear Liz

There is nothing wrong with believing in true love. I sometimes wish that I did believe. Sadly in my business I have seen many a happy marriage end over the smallest of things and that, well I am afraid I have concluded that those so called Sole Mates are people who are in love with the idea of love. And then again perhaps I have not met my true love. Oh do not think I have never been in love. I can assure you my heart was thoroughly cracked.

All my best for you


my copy cat attempt at Henryk Siemiradzkl – Portret Kobiety

Man I hope I got the name right … {forgive me if not} And PLEASE be sure to go by and read and see all the awesome postcards by my fellow World Travelers over at the Lovely Darcy’s Art & Sole.

Happy Art’ing Y’all



Janet said...

Wonderful painting - pathetic attempt it is not - I can see what it is supposed to be! (Something I haven't achieved thus far!) Great work.

Janet xx

abby j said...

Well done, Jamie! The artist would be proud!!


Margaret said...

I think you did well, your gal is fab! very sophisticated look! Mx

craftattack said...

Well done, the card is wonderful! Valerie

San @ Made in Hem said...

Lovely card, well done! ♥
And Happy Birthday Erin!!!

mags21 said...

a great painting, well done, wish I could do something like that...

Kaylene said...

Wonderfully subtle bravo

Fotojoy/Joyce said...

Jamie good job I knew the work as soon us I open you blog - The shading is peferct!

Jen said...

Super card, well done with the painting. Hope your daughter had a Happy birthday.
Jen x

Jamie Lynn said...

xoxoxo to y'all :-)

Gina said...

Oh Mags, she is beautiful!!...and will we be finding out how Allen got his heart cracked? :D XXX

Gina said...

Ha! Sorry Jamie Lynn! Saw Mags pic at top of side bar lol :D XXX

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