June 1, 2012


Was the destination this week for the Art & Sole 52 Postcard Challenge hosted by our Dear Darcy. {{hugs}} I have been busy this week so time was a bit tight … I found some pics online and the first one came out purdy good, so that’s the one I went with it.

Here we go

From Liz to Allen: Acrylic paint, silver gel ink, rubber stamps

And it reads

Dear Allen,
LoL at me, I should’ve realized about you & Chloe, but that’s how I am. Always supposing that everybody already has a partner in life, ‘cept me. LoL It’s my romantic side that hopes for everlasting True Love.

                        nothing to forgive J

Well whatdaya know she didn’t get Peeved and even laughed a bit about it. Please be sure to drop by and visit with my fellow travelers HERE

Happy Art'in Y'all


craftattack said...

The card is gorgeous! Valerie

Alison xx said...

Great card, I love the bold bright colours. A xx

abby j said...

Fabulous card, JL!!

Janet said...

Super drawing and a lovely postcard.

Janet xx

Darcy said...

oo this is a great card, the costume is just lovely so vibrant.

mags21 said...

another great postcard, love the bright and bold colours you have used.

San @ Made in Hem said...

Great card! It doesn't show it was done in a rush!!! ♥

Jen said...

Lovely postcard, great detail.
Jen x

Jamie Lynn said...

<3 y'all <3

Margaret said...

I love your card, fab bright colours and waonderful King! M

NatashaMay said...

Well, Liz is a good sport about it. :)Fantastic postcard!

Fotojoy/Joyce said...

WOW what an amazing native costume on your card- So Colorful

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