June 29, 2012


Along Route 66 that is ... was this week’s 52 Postcard Challenge by Dear Darcy of Art & Sole. I have traveled along a might good portion of this Route and I must say the part that runs through Texas is looooonnnnngggggg and a bit dusty between the not so green parts. So without any further blah blah blah this week is

From Liz to Allen: paper collage

Dear Allen

I just can’t help but wander about your broken heart…I feel sad when I think of it.
When are you coming? You need a vacation & I could use a familiar Texas accent…I think mine has melted into something


And there we have it, an almost forlorn cry from Liz for the cracked heart of Allen. Y’all come on and check out my fellow World Travelers…y’allcan find ‘em here.

Happy Art’ing Y’all.


Gina said...

I totally love the collaged landscape!!!...and the yearning of Liz for Allen's company...so romantic :D XXX

Janet said...

Your Texan landscape collage is great!

Janet xx

Darcy said...

awwww the girl needs her man!..

watching Blade the other night and he has finally hung the artwork that was sent to him for the gallery.

Margaret said...

Poor Liz, she's not sounding at all good these days.
Love your card! M

mags21 said...

a lovely collage, great colours. and I like your storyline.

Jen said...

Like the postcard collage. Poor Liz does seem low.
Jen x

Kaylene said...

Lovely work, the envelopes are precious, thank you for your comment. Cheers

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