July 3, 2012

It's a


I don’t make this kind of card very often in fact I don’t know when the last time was. I usually use one of my photos and print it out with some kind of caption or whatnot. BUT………

it IS as special occasion. I'm sorry that we weren’t able make it {insert sad face} to My niece Sara’s 1st Baby Shower {insert wide smile}. By the time this is posted the shower will be over and they will be all cleaned up. I’m sure she is her husband Michael had a blast and got lots of cool stuff for the baby. Between you and me dear internets I hope she has red hair! We don’t have near enough red headed childrens.

So here it is: custom stamped background (hands & feets) rubber stamped word’age, some glittery wired ribbon and a ton’age of love’age for the wee one.

 Custom Envelope - paper matches the background of the fold out (inside)

This folds out to reveal a poem and a gift card

Supposed to be a Princess, if not poor little guy will be wearing a lot of pink {insert wink}


Happy Art’ing Y’all

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