July 26, 2012


One of my most FAVORITE’EST country. We were blessed to go there some years ago and long to return. When we got off the plane and stepped on the turf it felt like home – Sweet – home.

In Ireland poetry is a big thing and James Joyce is one of the big ones. Yeah Oscar Wilde is too, but I chose to mimic a Joyce book cover of sorts and I added one of his poems.

From Allen to Liz: Hand drawn, Soft pastels over coated with gesso, Computer printed poem by Joyce - Alone

Dear Liz

Your last message just about blew me away. “Dude.” I am flattered that you are willing to Take Care of Me, but I would not allow that. No way could I ever let you do that. I am very capable of taking care of myself. I hope you have not misunderstood my correspondence as a means to get into your pocketbook. I was very close to your Aunt and would never do anything that would cause her to look down and shake that finger at me


Well this doesn’t sound very cool. Please drop bye and check out my fellow World Travelers in Ireland.


Happy Art’ing Y’all


Gina said...

Lovely card Jamie...that poem is divine!! Allen and Liz seem to be at odds still don't they, yet his choice of poem would suggest he would be otherwise :D XXX

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Fun postcards, Jamie! They remind me of Nick Bantock's work. I'm guessing you may be familiar? xoxox

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