July 26, 2012


I know y’all  were wondering just how long it takes me to do the Germany Postcard! ME TOO!

See the thing was / is I found this painting by a German guy, Albert von Keller, and loved it. I tried to draw it and it looked worse than dead carp. Then I got busy around the house and y’all know…

Again I attempted to do this lady – man I guess it was better but not as good as I wanted. {insert sad face} SOOOOO Once more I tried it, and again bleee. But nonetheless I painted it as best’est as I could (well I did need to move on) and here it is for your un-pleasure. Don’t look too hard or you may end up with groggle eyes.

From Liz to Allen: Acrylic paint

And it reads

Dear Allen

Sorry about the work probs. Not to be crude but … Dude! I’m rolling in it. Just bring whatever “personal” stuff you want. Please let me do all the rest.

All my best for safe & speedy travel


-just got to Germany-

Please go over and check out my fellow World Travelers and their Germany Postcards at the forgiving and loverly Darcy’s Art &Sole. I hope y’all are able to keep up or at least be able to play catch up when if you should fall a bit behind…as I expect I may do over the next few weeks yet again. Summer can be such a busy time ya know.

um yeah

 Happy Art’ing Y’all


Gina said...

Oh Jamie...you just squooshed her face a bit...other than that, a great job :D Painting faces at this angle is really tricky...the original sketch was really pretty :D XXX

Jamie Lynn said...

lol, Gina I love you! squooshed a bit.

Thank you for your much appreciated encouragement. I think IF I should try this yet 1 more time I will tell her, "Hey lady straighten up and look this way."


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