July 16, 2012

Isle of Man

This is OverDue, my first OverDo Postcard of the fab 52 Postcard Challenge that is hosted by the Magnificent Darcy of Art & Sole.

Hey let’s blame the U.S. Postal service for the lateness, yeah that’s it. Cause it surely wasn’t because I was doing this or in the case of last week getting stuff together to Ordain a Wedding. Yep the Postal Service…

Anyways here it is at long last

From Allen to Liz: Hand drawn, Acrylic Paints and jute (for the nest / island)

And it reads

Dear Liz

Please don’t let sadness shadow your face especially over me. It was long ago and I have recovered no worse for the wear. The girl, well I suppose she is doing the best she can with the path she chose. I think we all have our own road to travel be it rocky crags or soft green grass. Surely it is the journey that grows us and not the destination. I am trying to get things together here, had a few issues with clients on vacation not to mention employees, so I will not. I told R.H. I would let him know when all is clear and that I would need three days’ notice to pack and such.

Soon my friend
This is an extinct Great Auk allegedly of the Isle of Man

Please stay tuned for my next Postcard installment of Germany … it’s in the “idea” stage. In the meantime please go on over and check out my fellow world travelers to the Isle of Man.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


mags21 said...

a great postcard. glad you are catching up.look forward to your next one..

Jamie Lynn said...

Thanks Mags, but alas I have fallen even more behind...{{cross fingers}} to catch up

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