August 31, 2012


And it looks as if I am on time’age again!

Now I knew nothing of Hungary and I will try to refrain myself from any wisecracks or corny jokes. I still know nothing of Hungary, despite my growling belly {you knew that was coming} I did find this neat OH peat OH picture from the ol’ google search and thought what ta heck miteaswell  copycatit. {wink}

From Liz to Allen: Soft Pastels, with tiny touches of Color Pencil

Dearest Liz

Your last postcard has touched me deeply. Please take my words carefully and do not read into them more than what they are. We have only met and our time together was short. Let us take that time and hold it dear as we let it unfold into what it may without rushing to make it more then it may have been.

All my best Allen

The Lonely Cedar – Tivadar Kosztka Csontvàry

I don’t know what to think about this post … I guess that makes it fit in pretty with with my lack of being having Hungary information. But I know how you can check out Hungary, yes - YES I do … go over to Read and See my fellow World Travelers and say HidyHo our creative hostess Darcy of the ever growing fame at Art &Sole.

Happy Art’ing Y’all


craftattack said...

Lovely card, although I'm not Hung(a)ry just now, had a good meal! Have a great weekend, Valerie

Janet said...

Great choice of subject and a lovely card.

Janet xx

mags21 said...

A nice card like the colours you have used, and an interesting story too.

Margaret said...

I think you've done a wonderful card this week, great colours! M

Jen said...

Lovely card, great movement in the picture.
Jen x

Darcy said...

lol you do make me laugh ..

great card, all wispy and ethereal.

I am starving, and I can smell dinner is almost ready.

Kelly M. Myers said...

So sweet and romantic :)

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