September 5, 2012

Collect'N Folders

2012 Idea Collection Folders as brought to us by InkWell

Each month has a general Theme, within the pockets of the folded folder we can keep the ideas and inspiration on: index cards, postcards, tags, sticky note’ages, pieces of paper/colors/ etc. Be creative this is YOUR Idea Collection – there is NO right NO wrong about it. At the end of the year we will assemble the 12 folders into a book. Foooooor Reals this can happen…But only you can make it happen for yourself!

Jan – Discovery :
            Style, Technique, Colors, Purpose

Feb – Curiosity :
            Gathering, Exploring, Observing, Letting Go

March – ReNew :
            Organize, Outside, order, Overhaul

April – Knowledge :
            Observe, Learn, Share, Action

May – Lazy : 2 folder month  One for ME & One for THEE
            Who, What, Where, Why

June – Accomplish:
            Past, Present, Future

July – Rabbit Trail:
            WWW, TV, Book, Life

August – Dreams: If I could
            DO anything ____ (fill in the blank)
            BE anything ____ (fill in the blank)
            HAVE anything ___ (fill in the blank)
            GIVE anything ___ (fill in the blank)

September – How do we stop our Creativity
tune into to Coffee & Art in the Morning UStreams 

Happy Art'in Y'all

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Dana said...

Thanks so much for sharing these Jamie!! Now I am off to wonder your archives =)

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