September 7, 2012


That’s where our World Travelers went to this week. What you didn’t know about the 52 Postcard Challenge? Well get off your duff and head on over to Darcy of Art & Sole for all the details…heck no it’s not too late…are you kidding me we have weeks and weeks to go…plenty of time for you to travel and maybe even go back and pick up a few countries you may have missed.

And now for Egypt

From Liz to Allen: Color Pencil, Acrylic paints

It reads

Dearest Allen,

Yes. Allow it to be as it is

With love Liz

I am waiting

Now if you have not done so YET get on over to Art & Sole to check out all my fellow world travelers. YES RIGHT NOW!

BTW – ON TIME & FACE #5 of the 29 Faces in September Challenge (yes they will be outta order a bit’age – Love me anyway – just sayN

Happy Art’ing Y’all


abby j said...

Great card, Jamie!

craftattack said...

Lovely card, had me singing 'Walk like an Egyptian'! Valerie

mags21 said...

another great card.

Alison xx said...

Great card, especially love the eyes. A xx

Kaylene said...

Great card, bravo.

Fotojoy/Joyce said...

Nice layering to your card.
You captured Cleo well

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Love your Egyptian. I'm so behind! but I'll get there and you are right, it is not too late.

Darcy said...

great card, love her jet black hair and the folds in her dress.

Janet said...

Brilliant drawing! Love the hairstyle and dress. Super.

Janet xx

Jamie Lynn said...

thanks y'all, I am thrilled to be this challenge with all of y'all <3

Jen said...

Great card, love how you have got her dress to hang like it does.
Jen x

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