September 9, 2012

5 That's Right 5

The first 5 faces for the 29 Faces in September Challenge. If you like faces, not just mine, you should pop over to Ayala Art and check out all my fellow Face Makers.

Back to my first 5 … not sure where I’m going with some of 'em but they wanted to be painted in not usual skin tones. They are all purdy small … about 2 inches or so … all are hairless except for the eyebrows. Drawn with water-soluble graphite and painted with acrylics with touches of glittery gel pen … and um … # 5 is a Postcard ... and ummmm ... yeah here they are

yes, I did forget to take the photo of the pencil drawing for face #4 

 you may see the painted face # 5  Egypt #36 Postcard

Happy Art’ing Y’all

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